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Monsters is an addictive puzzle game based off my highly popular Dashboard Widget. The overall goal is simple, avoid the monsters. Because the monsters inch closer to you every time you move, it will take some strategy to decide where to go next. Are you up for the challenge to outsmart the monsters?

Cupid Carnage

Do you hate valentines day? Are you bitter over someone stealing your significant other? Do you hate all the cuteness? Well then this is the iPhone app for you! Get ready for a fast paced game where you get to destroy the bringers of this "love." Using a powerful cannon you get to rain destruction on hundreds of cupids!

Haunted Mirror Maze

Test your logic skills in the spookiest puzzle game out there. Haunted Mirror Maze includes over thirty levels of this unique puzzle made popular on The Griddle. Find the ghosts, zombies, and vampires running amok in your hall of mirrors.

Swap 'n Drop

Swap 'n Drop is a simple yet addictive puzzle game for the iPhone. Swap pairs of tiles anywhere onscreen to get four or more in a horizontal row. Looking where tiles will drop you can form amazing combos to get huge bonuses!


Need help with one of my iPhone / iPod Touch games? Please send me an e-mail at with "iPhone / iPod Touch help" and the name of the game in the subject line. Thank you and hopefully your problem can be solved soon!

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